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Caltex to investigate suspect fuel from Mitchell service station

Caltex is investigating a possible fuel contamination at the Mitchell service station after the NMRA was called out to five vehicles that broke down shortly after fueling up at the site.

Vicky Rovolis stopped into to refuel on her way to work and said she had driven only a few hundred metres before everything went wrong.

"The car started shaking so badly, all the lights on the dashboard came on and I had to pull on to the side of the road," she said.

Kylie Evans filled her car with $70 of petrol. Returning to the service station to ask for a sample, as instructed by her mechanic, she discovered several other motorists had suffered the same fate.

NRMA spokesman, Peter Khoury, confirmed staff attended  five broken-down cars in the area, all  driven by people who had purchased the fuel.

"While we can't confirm that this was due to the fuel, it certainly appears all vehicles had recently been filled up with petrol from the Caltex Service station in Mitchell."


"The fuel now has to be tested and we cannot pre-empt those investigations, but anyone with concerns or who experienced difficulties with their car after fueling up in that area are encouraged to contact the Office of Regulatory Services."  

Caltex Australia  was confident,  having supplied the same fuel  throughout New South Wales and Victoria, that any potential problem was likely to be contained to the single petrol station.

"It looks like it's isolated to the local level," a Caltex spokesperson said. "This is an independently operated site so the responsibly for fuel delivery to customers is with that operator."

The Caltex customer feedback line is 1800 240 398.