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Canberra Day celebrations all about the children

Canberra might have been celebrating its 105th birthday on Monday, but at Commonwealth Park, it was all about the kids.

Monday's event offered families hours of rides, food and free entertainment with plenty of yellow Canberra-branded balloons to go around.

It was a performance by The Voice finalist Lucy Sugerman that attracted Watson neighbours Ysobel Bryant, six, Amy and Liora Devlin Aylott, seven and four respectively, and Freyja Bryant, four, to the party.

"We saw her on the lineup so looked her up online and Amy watched the TED Talk that she gave and was really impressed and we all loved her voice, so Amy said 'we have to go and see her'," Jenny Devlin, mum of Amy and Liora, said.

A buzzing Amy explained the group's excitement: "We like her singing and she's a big girl.

"I'd like her to be my big sister because she's cuddly and has a beautiful voice."


Shane and Lousie McNaughton took daughters Ruby and Matilda to Monday's event. The four-year-old twins were keen to see Lah Lah's Big Live Band, Mr McNaughton said.

"[They've most enjoyed] dancing to that band thing and the slides, the rides," the Theodore man said as his daughters' faces were painted.

Antoaneta Nikolaeva, watching five-year-old daughter Vera on the flying chairs rides, agreed Lah Lah's Big Live Band was a drawcard for her children.

"It's all for the kids," the Forrest mum said.

Former Triple J Unearthed winner Ali Barter and Nicole Millar, known for her collaboration with Peking Duck, also performed.