The walk-in centre at Canberra Hospital will be closed by mid-year, about 12 months after an independent report criticised its location.

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher told the ACT Legislative Assembly on Thursday the Woden centre would be closed once centres in Belconnen and Tuggeranong were open.

Ms Gallagher said that was due to occur in the first half of the year.

''Our commitment is to double the funding to the walk-in centres,'' she said. ''We have done that.''

A report by the Australian Primary Healthcare Research Institute released last year found that, contrary to the ACT government's rationale, the location of the ACT walk-in centre resulted in a net increase in emergency department activity.

Ms Gallagher said the new clinics would offer the same services as the one they replace. ''It will be for similar-type patients - for minor injuries, low-acuity illnesses, colds, flus, ear infections. It is still an incredibly popular option for people, particularly out of hours.''