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Canberra is most well-read city in Australia

Admit it - you love to read. And a new list purports to show that Canberra's the most well-read city in the nation.

The city was named Australia's literary capital by online bookseller Bookworld, which releases an annual list of the top 10 best read cities. 

Melbourne came in second but Sydney languished at eighth, just ahead of Adelaide. Among capital cities, Hobart did itself no favours - it was bottom of the list but still beat Perth and Darwin which just dropped straight off the list altogether. Perhaps television is better in the West and life is just sweeter in the Northern Territory.

Bookworld said the list was compiled using sales data from more than 500,000 Australian customers over the past year.

It's no secret that Canberrans are keen readers - we join book clubs and enthusiastically attend literary events. Bookworld said that literary novels made up four of the top 10 books sold in the capital. Other books that did well in Canberra included celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's Save with Jamie and diet book The Fast Diet which advocates abstaining from food for better health - perhaps a sign that people are taking drastic steps to prepare for public service cuts. 


And while spring has taken firm hold in the capital, winter is coming in our books - the Game of Thrones box set is also on the Canberra bestseller list.

Canberrans also love Kindles, iPads and e-readers - they bought more e-books than any other city. But what do they read on their devices? Literature. The best-selling e-book in Canberra was Hannah Kent's literary debut novel Burial Rites and crime novel The Cuckoo's Calling from Harry Potter author JK Rowling. 

The Top 10 Cities

1. Canberra - Queanbeyan 

2. Melbourne 

3. Geelong 

4. Newcastle - Maitland 

5. Brisbane 

6. Toowoomba 

7. Sunshine Coast 

8. Sydney 

9. Adelaide 

10. Hobart