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Canberra joins global Women's March after Trump inauguration

Canberra women will join a coordinated global demonstration for women's rights the day after President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office.

The action, planned for Saturday January 21, will be in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington movement.

What began as a plan for a million women to "raise their voices against hatred and bigotry" at Capitol Hill has grown into a series of synchronised sister marches in dozens of US states and cities around the world.

Canberra march coodinator, Codie Bell, said the event was not going to be an anti-Trump demonstration, but rather a chance for people to stand up against the normalisation of divisive rhetoric.

"It was really devastating to see somebody speak about women in that way and then still be legitimised or rewarded with the honour of becoming president," Ms Bell said.

"Trump is a very controversial figure but we don't think respecting women should be controversial or partisan. It is definitely a non-partisan movement we are trying to put together."


The emergence of ultra-nationalist and ultra-conservative perspectives had not gone unnoticed, nor had the way leaders and administrations pit groups against each other to achieve political ends.

"This rally is a show that there is more to us than that," Ms Bell said. "There are many people that are willing to fight for something better."

Fellow coordinator Lizzy O'Shea said so far marches had been planned in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and she was excited by the overwhelming grassroots response to the movement.

Rather than whinge, the event gave people a chance to do something with the feeling that hate and discrimination had become dangerously common levers in politics and social discourse, she said.

While the number of people expected to march on Captiol Hill in Washington DC was predicted to create disturbance, this was not the aim of the event in Canberra.

"I think it will be a really positive event and a contrast to a lot of the hate that has been thrown around," Ms O'Shea said.

Women's March in Canberra will begin at 11am on Saturday January 21 at Garema Place.