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Canberra Libs slow to update website

The Canberra Liberal Party was updating its website late on Sunday to reflect Zed Seselja's departure from the Legislative Assembly four weeks ago. At 1pm on Sunday, still had Mr Seselja listed as an MLA.

The former ACT opposition leader is the lead Liberal candidate for the Senate in the ACT, replacing Senator Gary Humphries.

The inaccuracy on the Canberra Liberals website was highlighted by former Canberra Liberals president Gary Kent.

''I have just noted with astonishment that the divisional website has no reference to our federal candidates or the federal election; Zed is still listed as an MLA,'' he said in an email to the party's divisional committee late last week.

''The sheer incompetence, sloth and laziness of this committee is breathtaking.''

Mr Kent was a key figure in an attempt to overturn the Canberra Liberals federal preselection in which Mr Seselja beat Senator Humphries for the party's No.1 Senate nomination.

He has launched action against the party in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal pursuing documents regarding the division's financial status and the controversial federal preselection in February.