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2015's lucky catch: Canberra's first New Year baby nearly born last year

Canberra's first baby of 2015 nearly slipped out early and skipped the history books after mother Seethal Menon thought she was ready to give birth yesterday morning – back in 2014.

Ms Menon said they were packed and all systems go yesterday when her husband Thomas George rushed her in.

"We came yesterday morning but nothing much was happening so we were sent back," Ms Menon said.

And how lucky it was – when Ms Menon finally gave birth to baby Ronith at 12.59am at Canberra Hospital he became the city's first 2015 bub.

Forming a good luck charm for our city's health this year, the mother and baby are doing well. "He's settled well so hopefully he'll stay that way," Ms Menon said.


"I actually feel a lot better, I think because everything was quick, I feel much healthier than last time when I couldn't move," Ms Menon said.

Weighing in at just 2.98 kilograms and 47 centimetres long, Ronith is Ms Menon's second child.

"This time the labour time was less – we started at 9.30pm, so roughly 3 hours. The first was longer but it was more painful this time," she said.

Her oldest – three and a half year old Rohan – was the inspiration for his name.

"We wanted something that sounded similar, with an 'r'," she said.

Ms Menon and Mr George emigrated from India to Canberra six years ago and now live in Watson.

So that makes Canberra's first child of 2015 nine months, 9000 kilometres and three hours labour in the making.