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3D chocolate and gin workshops in Canberra for Science Week

It's National Science Week, which in Canberra means you'll get to make chocolate using 3D printers, and play with a gin distillation kit.

The chocolate and gin sessions are run by The Creative Element, a science education outfit.

Founder Erica Hediger says the chocolate workshop will be different from the norm. "We'll 3D print a model of the chocolate and [participants] get to keep their 3D model and they'll also get a mould and from that they'll get to make their own chocolate," she says.

A gin making workshop will also teach people how to infuse flavours into the spirit. "There's a lot of science that goes into gin so we thought that would be a perfect example of showing how distillation works," Hediger says. "So we'll have a full distillation kit. It's illegal to distill your own gin, but we'll teach people how to make their own flavoured gin at home. We'll also use a really cool infusion process using nitrous oxide gas, or happy laughing gas. We'll give an example of what's in really well known gins and then let people have a go."

It's all part of Hediger's plan to get people interested in the science of the world around them. "The Creative Element is a business I started up to help educate people on STEM, whether kids or adults, it doesn't matter. It's sort of like hiding the veggies under a piece of cheese," she says with a laugh.

And she has plenty of experience in the hospitality industry too. "I worked as a sales rep and a cocktail bar tender. My first startup was mobile bars. I love 3D printing and one of the great things with 3d printing is making your own custom moulds."

The 3D Printing Chocolatier workshop is on Tuesday, August 16. The Gin Making Workshop is on Thursday, August 18. Tickets $63-$75. See