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Artist Megan Walch's accidental foray into national politics

She's the contemporary artist who has inadvertently been swept up in the world of national politics.

Megan Walch's painting Blue Donut was purchased for the Parliament House collection in 2014.

Hanging in the corridor where foot traffic passes to get to party room votes, the artwork has since featured as a backdrop to a number of thrills and, of course, spills over the past two years.

As pollies have shuffled along the corridor, Blue Donut has found its way into both national and international media coverage.

Its coincidental appearances have inspired her newest exhibition, appropriately titled The Spill. It features new works that give a nod to other modern incidents including Pistol and Boo, and the intriguingly titled Pink F---s Black.

"A spill can be an accident, or an intent to corrupt or deface. Either way, I want to make something good from this mess," said Walch.

Unfortunately the exhibition is on a little further south than Canberra, at Contemporary Art Tasmania in Hobart, from September 3-11.

Walch, who has studied and exhibited in the US and Australia has had a brief foray in Canberra herself with an artist residency at the School of Art at ANU in 2002.