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Be Youtiful workshop encourages Canberra teens to consider their online brand

If you have a teenage daughter (like me) who's all about YouTube and Snapchat filters, the Be YOUtiful workshop in Canberra next month will encourage her to think about her values both on and offline.

Described as an event "that redefines what beauty and brilliance looks like", the workshop is the vision of Canberran Helen Roe, author of GirlTribes and mum to Sarah, 11, and Ava, 10.

Guest speakers include Helen herself, former model Amy Erbacher and director of Dance Central Julie Scheer, with the aim to teach teens how to show up as their best selves, and to have the clarity and confidence to make smarter decisions in life.

A key exercise is a session on "personal brand", where workshoppers have the chance to consider their favourite brands and their own individual values.

"We ask the girls 'what's important to you?' and then show how this guides their decision-making," Helen said.

"We ask them to list their strengths and to pick one specific word that captures what they want to be to others - whether that's inspirational, helpful, fun - and then they look at how that can translate into their online and offline activity.

"We do an entire section on digital footprint and get them to really consider 'are you consistent online and where you hang out? Or are you a different personality online versus offline? Do you say and do things online that you would actually say and do in real-life?'"

Helen said she's hoping all workshop participants leave with a confidence boost, and a greater level of self awareness and self belief.

The Be YOUtiful Empowering Workshop for Teen Girls, Friday, July 14, 9am to 12.30pm, Dance Central Studios, Phillip. Further information and tickets from