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Canberra improv artists to perform for 24 hours to raise funds for Lifeline

It's probably unwise to let your friends choose your bucket list items.

That's exactly what Brad Hoff did at his 30th birthday party. His friends all got to choose something for Hoff to complete by his 40th birthday – with the caveat that whatever it was, they had to do it with him.

One of his improv theatre friends chose for Hoff to devise and perform a 24-hour show, which they've now done twice for their family and friends.

And now they're opening the show up to the public, in a fundraiser for Lifeline.

"In the past it's been a great show but we've very much just done it in our little rehearsal space to an audience that is essentially our community," he said.

"So it's been a small show but it's gone really well – people talk about it for weeks and months afterwards, just how silly and crazy it can go."


The group will perform The Bold and the Hospitalised for 24 hours straight from 8pm Friday February 5, until 8pm Saturday February 6 at Belconnen Theatre.

While it will be made up as they go along, Hoff describes it as, "like a hospital drama with a little bit more silliness and I suppose interesting, unexpected mistakes that come out of making it up on the fly."

"Imagine seeing Whose Line is it Anyway – but trying to create a story for 24 hours without any sleep."

The show will be broken up into 45 minute episodes, with the audience able to come and go at each interval. A core cast of 13 people will be there for the whole 24 hours, switching their time between acting and working front of house, and a few guests will make appearances throughout to inject some energy into the performance.

And as for the other things on Hoff's list, which he has six years left to complete?

"One interesting one is participate in a police lineup. I have done get a Brazilian, we did sky diving dressed as Batman and Robin, we made homemade cupcakes dressed up as grannies and gave them away in Garema Place. I was really proud of my friends when I read them".

Tickets to The Bold and the Hospitalised are $15 with all proceeds going to Lifeline. You can buy them at