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Eighty/twenty in Braddon to open for summer dinners

Eighty/twenty in Braddon will now open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, kicking off this week.

Owners Klarisa Cengic and Tihana Ravanparsa said they feel refreshed after a short break over Christmas and are keen to bring in some new things for 2015 including the weekend dinners.

"We're very excited to open for dinner," said Ravanparsa.

"We'll definitely do it for summer. Whether we do it for longer we're not sure of yet, we'll just see how it goes."

The "simple" a la carte menu will be served from 5pm on Friday and Saturday nights from January 16.

"The menu is very much the Eighty/twenty style. It's not going to be anything extravagant – it's about simple," said Ravanparsa.


"We'll do spatchcock as our chicken and we'll do salads – there will be a few entrees, a few mains and some raw desserts."

In keeping with their philosophy of eating healthy 80 per cent of the time, the venue is licensed and serves wine, beer and cider, so you can indulge the other 20 per cent.

Eighty-twenty also has a new breakfast menu, plus the newly added acai bowls, which will be available all day.

Unlike for breakfast and lunch, the venue is taking bookings for dinner.