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Googong marks fourth annual Flying High festival

Queanbeyan nine-year-old Macca Cleary was undeterred by a lack of wind on Sunday - you can, he said confidently, make your own.

Running through Googong's Rockley Oval, celebrating the fourth annual Flying High extravaganza, Macca watched in delight as his kite hit the skies.

"It was good even though it wasn't as windy as we would've liked," mum Kylie said.

"It was just as fun running around trying to get the kites up."

The Cleary family dug their kites out of the cupboard about three years after dad Matt bought them in Singapore.

They enjoyed watching ship, cat, dog and box-shaped kites fly through the air at the free family fun day.

"Because it was a planned day we put it in the calendar and said 'Right, that's it, we're going'," Mrs Cleary said, adding they hadn't had the opportunity to take the kites out earlier.

"It was really something when you looked up and there was lots of colour in the sky.

"It was so nice to be out in the fresh air and sunshine."