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How do you sell a house in Griffith? With a Gatsby-themed pool party of course

Selling a house used to be about a picket sign in the front yard, a listing in the window of the local real estate office and a printed flier in mailboxes.

Welcome to 2017 - where a modern real estate marketing campaign encompasses Facebook video, champagne openings and a photo shoot straight from an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

Canberra real estate agent Holly Komorowski is behind a new marketing campaign for 44 Frome Street, Griffith - a Kenneth Oliphant house and one of the first privately-built homes in the inner south.

The marketing campaign is a hark back to Oliphant's art deco design roots and Ms Komorowski has gone all out, giving the house its own brand and leading with digital marketing to build anticipation for the red brick home before it hit the market.

"For me it's about being personalised and attention to tailoring the service - what does this client need? What does this house need? What story can we find here? What's the narrative?," Ms Komorowski said.

"We don't always use the conventional channels - we focus on what's going to work.


"Conventional mainstream platforms are, of course, where buyers are looking but what I'm also finding is buyers are discovering properties through other platforms, and social media is very powerful."

Ms Komorowski - who specialises in the established suburbs of Reid, Braddon and Ainslie in the north and Griffith in the south - said she draws inspiration from influential US real estate agents like New York-based Shaun Osher and Maggie Kent.

Both Osher and Kent are big on video content and Ms Komorowksi has followed suit - her campaigns for 2017 will all feature bursts of video across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

​"There is a story everywhere if you look for it," she said.

"We like to tell stories, we like to share stories and we're always asking 'who else would like to share this story?'.

"Your images have to be brilliant and not the cookie-cutter approach - they have to stand out and the hero shot doesn't always have to be the facade - it's the image that best represents what defines the home.

"For 44 Frome Street, the hero is the gorgeous pool house."

With more and more sellers cutting back their marketing budgets, Ms Komorowski said she has had to be creative in keeping costs down. Her local network and "collaboration" have played a crucial role: the stars of the Gatsby-themed pool party are all friends, and much of her video content is developed by freelancers just starting out.

Canberra digital marketing consultant Colin Anstie, of Raging Digital, said real estate agents have never had more marketing tools at their fingertips. He wants to see more Canberra agents taking advantage of the "the age of the personal brand", rapidly-changing technology and the opportunity to personalise.

"I want Canberra agents to have a 'test and learn' mentality," Mr Anstie said.

"Instead of just broadcasting every listing that an agent has, there are such great opportunities via Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Adwords to target premium homes to premium buyers, and first homes to first home buyers.

"The use of drones, virtual reality, interactive tours and stunning photography, and virtual home staging opens the doors for a huge range of options for real estate agents. 

"There is a brave new world out there in digital marketing that is changing all the time."