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LoBrow Gallery and Bar opens in Civic

Everything from art shows to performances and T-shirt label launches are on the agenda for new Civic venue LoBrow​.

The art gallery and bar is a collaboration between the people from Sancho's Dirty Laundry and Beach Burrito Company Canberra. 

Sancho's Dirty Laundry's Sancho Murphy, who was also behind Braddon's pop-up art and music venue The Chop Shop in late 2014, said LoBrow is, "like everything I wanted to do with The Chop Shop".

"It started off as something that would just open once a month and we would just put on these bigger events but now we've changed it," she said.

"So it'll be open weekly with Wednesday nights for trivia, Thursday nights will be gallery launches, Friday and Saturday nights will be gig nights and Sundays will be chill out sessions. So we'll just cycle through on a weekly basis."

The industrial "black on black on black" space is located just upstairs from Beach Burrito Company Civic on City Walk, and the Beach Burrito Company crew have also designed LoBrow's special cocktail menu.


"It was originally going to be part restaurant but we've changed it just to be a little bar that's an extension of downstairs. People can still get food from downstairs and bring it up if they like but there's no food service as such upstairs."

Sancho said the venue's name is tongue in cheek.

"There's a bit of a network in Canberra of skaters, street artists who have often submitted a gallery proposal and been knocked back saying the art practice is too low brow so I guess it's trying to claim that word from a negative into a positive," she said.

"There's a lot of skill involved in these practices but it doesn't seem to get recognised in a traditional gallery setting – it's seen as a trade rather than an art form."

LoBrow officially opened on January 29 with two nights of celebratory events planned.