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Love walking on grass? Kusa flip flops are your dream Canberra invention

Love the feeling of walking barefoot on fresh grass? Then get a load of these beauties.

Forget Maseurs, Havaianas or metallic sandals - Kusa flip flops are the must-have footwear for Christmas 2016.

Created by Canberra man Yash Radhakrishnan, Kusa flip flops are thongs with lawn underfoot. They've been a success overseas, and now Yash wants to get them on local feet.

The former University of Canberra industrial design student has so far sold 40,000 pairs of thongs to customers as far the United Arab Emirates and even Kazakhstan. Now he's looking for local stockists so Canberrans can start wearing them these summer holidays.

Yash said the inspiration for Kusa flip flops came from recalling his childhood growing up in Gowrie.

"I wanted to give others the opportunity to remember what it was like to be a child walking on grass," he said.


"They're also just great fun for the whole family.

"In an age where many seem to have lost the art of basic conversation, they are also an awesome conversation starter. People actually put their phone down and talk to you when you're wearing them - I love that."

And there's no need to stress about keeping your new shoes watered and mown.

"We've selected the highest quality faux grass to simulate the natural look and feel of real grass," Yash said.

The flip flops are available online at