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My Canberra with Keith Cantlie

Recruitment expert and avid Brumbies supporter Keith Cantlie dishes on his Canberra favourites.

Hidden gem? That's a hard one, Canberra has so many hidden gems. I would say it's the lifestyle Canberra offers. You get great career opportunities, the chance to start a new business, and entrepreneurship is thriving in Canberra. Many successful businesses are taking their products and services to the world! It really does have it all.

Weekend haunt? Like many Canberrans, on weekends you'll find me on the side of a sporting field watching my kids play football or soccer. I always try to fit in an early morning visit to the Capital Region Farmers Market at EPIC to get the fresh regional produce (and grab a coffee or a truly homemade pastry!) I think Canberra could be described as a "coffee capital" with our world leading baristas, especially those over at Ona Cafe.

Place to take visitors? Where do you start? We have so many options - from our cultural facilities like the war memorial and national museum to the arboretum and Questacon. You can even take a guided walk through Mulligans Flat Woodlands Sanctuary at night – what an eye-opening experience! One great thing about Canberra is you can be in the city and 30 minutes later you're in the Brindabella Mountains.

People-watching spot? The best people-watching spots are in the great cafes and restaurants in Canberra, whether that's Braddon, Manuka, Kingston Foreshore or where I live in Gungahlin. You can often find me at Da Nunzio Cafe by Yerrabi Pond, grabbing a nice bite to eat and a great coffee (there's that coffee theme again!) and watching the world go by. I always see three or four people I know – Canberra's like that!

Place to unwind? My favourite spot is watching a Brumbies game! Nothing like a Friday or Saturday night turning out in your team colours! Actually, we have lots of good opportunities to support our local teams here in Canberra, whether it's the Raiders or the UC Capitals or many others.

Treat? I lived in Sydney for a while and the "treat" about living in Canberra is that you don't have to rush anywhere. You can simply do nothing, just relax, take in a movie or go to Canberra Theatre to catch a show. You can get around town easily, there are no lengthy traffic jams, and you can just enjoy the lifestyle. Taking a breather after a busy week is a real treat for me.