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New retailers open up shop at The Hamlet in Braddon

The caravans have well and truly settled in, and now further retailers have opened their doors at The Hamlet in Braddon.

Hidden behind the food caravans a number of local designers have opened stores selling jewellery, fashion, furniture, homewares and gifts, plus a new pizza store which is the Subway equivalent of the Italian staple.

Marissa Christian, co-founder of the Canberra Night Markets, is one of the new residents, opening the first ever shopfront for her label Wink Jewellery, and said the retailers are keen to let everyone know they're open for business.

"It's such a great space, but I think it's a little bit hard to find. It will be really nice when everyone's open."

The Hamlet owner and property developer Nik Bulum was also behind the now-closed Lonsdale Street Traders, and a number of the previous retailers have followed him across the road to his new venture.

Fashion designer Wildwood, jewellery story KIN gallery and Craft ACT's pop-up space POD have all reopened in the new space, and visitors might notice a similar feel to the stores.


"They've recycled the glass from Lonsdale Street Traders and all of the doors and a lot of the plywood was all recycled and brought over here too," Christian said.

On the other side of The Hamlet, 10" Custom Pizzeria is putting the finishing touches on their new style of street pizza.

The eatery gives visitors the opportunity to design a customised pizza and watch it be made in front of them, a concept owners Joe Pelle and Sam Tinelli think it will be popular.

"In our experiences over the years people have always been keen to take things off a pizza, add things to it and semi-customize it. And people have always wanted to come up to the counter and watch pizzas being made," said Pelle.

"So we thought let's combine those two into a fun environment, where people create the pizza together with our pizza chefs."

Pelle and Tinelli are busy training their new staff to get the pizzas to their high standard, and anyone who walks in before everyone is trained up gets to taste test and enjoy free pizza. 

"When we're ready we will charge. If we're not ready, no charge," said Pelle.

A Dream Cuisine Patisserie outlet and a barber are also due to open at The Hamlet soon, which will join existing food outlets Spit Shack, Chasing Mr Morris, Free Range Van, Brathaus, April's Caravan, Mr Papa and Binnys Kathitto.