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Nige back on the airwaves in Canberra on Monday - this time for MIX 106.3

It was Scotty and Nige for years. Now it's Nige. Just Nige.

Nigel "Nige" Johnson returns to the Canberra radio airwaves on Monday, in the drive shift on MIX 106.3.

Johnson has been on leave since he quit his breakfast shift on sister station 104.7 last November.

His resignation followed the earlier dumping by Canberra FM of his long-time partner on the breakfast shift, Scott "Scotty" Masters.

Johnson said at the time the loss of Masters had been a "game-changer" for him.

The duo presented breakfast on 104.7 for eight years, helping the station to get to the top of the ratings pile.


Johnson, in fact, has been a familiar voice on Canberra radio for more than 18 years, broadcasting on nearly every shift from midnight to dawn.

A media release heralding Nige's return to the airwaves was upbeat about his new job – and full of the usual wisecracks.

"I'm almost out of money to buy cat food and video games, so it's time to come back to work. And this time I'm on MIX 106.3, so I'll be playing music we can all get behind," he said.

We're told listeners to his show will be treated to some of his signature segments such as "Don't Ask Bossy, Ask Nige" and "That Don't Impress Me Much", along with a new features.

Drive with Nige is on weekdays from 3pm to 7pm on MIX 106.3.