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Rare yeti sighting caught on film for 'Beauties and Beasts' exhibition

Don't be frightened ladies and gentlemen but what you're seeing is a rare sighting of a yeti in the bushland near Belconnen earlier this week.

Or maybe it's someone dressed in a sheepskin car seat cover straight from nan and pop's 1988 FJ Land Cruiser.

You be the judge.

This hilarious pic is just one of 18 artworks featured in a new exhibition by University of Canberra Faculty of Arts and Design staff.

Entitled Beauties and Beasts, the exhibition pays tribute to former faculty colleague and animal lover Sandra Burr, and "explores what is beautiful and beastly about our relationship with the natural world".

"Sandra was a dedicated horsewoman and a passionate advocate for animals," UC Associate Professor and curator of the exhibition, Dr Jordan Williams, said.


"Sandra produced exciting research related to the relationship between the human and non-human worlds, some of which is presented in this exhibition. I think she would be honoured and amused by this tribute to her.

"Staff have created works that reflect both creative and research practice. Each piece is an interpretation of something beautiful or beastly. Some works will make you feel deeply while others will make you laugh."

In a description of her work Yeti, research development officer Katie Hayne, said:

"'Yeti' is a continuation of Katie Hayne and Ursula Frederick's previous collaborations based around their Toyota Corolla. In this work the car seat cover, a remnant of a dead sheep, is brought back to life in a mysterious beast-like form. The work proposes a post-human relationship with the automobile. The body of the driver re-animating the car-seat cover, inverting the traditional relationship between the driver and the car seat. The human body has become the car body. The work also alludes to a common association of cars with animals through their brand names—jaguar, mustang, colt, barracuda and colt."

The Beauties and Beasts exhibition includes paintings, artist books, sound art, and sculptural and interactive media. There's even a video on artist Mark 'Scrapdaddy' Bradford who upcycles scrap metal to create car-creatures.

Beauties and Beasts, the 23rd University of Canberra Faculty of Arts and Design staff exhibition, Belconnen Arts Centre, until Sunday May 28.