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Reference panel named for ACT arts policy review

A review of the ACT Arts Policy Framework, set to kick of next month, will be overseen by a panel of six prominent arts figures.

ACT arts minister Joy Burch announced Friday that Professor David Williams, of independent arts forum the Childers Group; Gavin Findlay, of Music ACT; Gorman and Ainslie Arts Centres director Joseph Falsone; director of Canberra Contemporary Art Space David Broker; writer Rosanna Stevens; and Director of the ANU Centre for European Studies Jacqueline Lo would together form the reference group to "guide the consultation process" for the review.

Ms Burch said this was part of a commitment she made when the current framework was released in 2012, to ensure it meets the needs of "the constantly evolving ACT arts sector, and the innovative artists and organisations in the Territory".

"As part of this process, artsACT will also conduct a thorough analysis of the ACT arts sector and current and future needs to identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses," she said.

Public consultation on the ACT Arts Policy Framework will begin in February. For more information, visit