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Short legs make big strides at Bungendore Show's inaugural dachshund dash

When it comes to dachshunds, most think of long bodies, short legs and a stubborn temperament.

But 127 of them proved they had more to offer when they raced in the Bungendore Show's inaugural Werriwa Wiener Dash on Sunday.

Handlers released dachshunds of all sizes, shades and hair types to hurtle down the 20-metre track towards other handlers enticing them from the finish line.

There was laughter from the crowd as some only made it half way before turning around. Others were more interested in chasing other dogs and a few were too busy sniffing grass to move at all.

Event organiser Mark Ellis was hoping to break a record for the most dachshunds in one place outside dog shows, but said he fell about 25 short – according to his Googling.

"But at least we broke a Bungendore record, and if not an ACT region record, and probably [a] NSW record," he said.


Mr Ellis had no prior experience in dachshund racing but had seen nothing of the sort in the region so he decided to make it happen. He was overwhelmed by the response from the sausage dog-lover community.

"The interest has really exceeded expectations," he said.

"It has blown me a way a little bit."

The Jedi outfit his own sausage dog, Obi Wan, wore nabbed him second prize in the Dapper Dachshund costume event.

First place went to dog Snags for his clown attire, which came complete with a ping-pong ball for his nose. Snags also took out the Werriwa Wiener Dash title.

His owner, Sarah McCreath, of Bonython, said she was shocked but proud of her pet's double win.

"I thought it would be a bit of fun and funny ... No way did I think this would happen," she said.

Clinton Menegazzo, owner of one runner-up, said his dachshund's great performance came down to the "secret training" they'd carried out at the Kingston Foreshore.

"I think that was a reason [for] some of the success today with the first heat win by our dog, Jazz a.k.a Little Brown," he said.

"We have been doing lots of strategic 25 metre runs, lots of out of the gate starts, and some bike rides."

"It has been constant 14-day training in preparation for the big day," he said, while his friends and family laughed.