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Wallaby hops into Belconnen Police Station

It appears ACT Policing's resident koala Constable Kenny could have some competition for the cutest native Australian animal on the beat.

Officers from Belconnen Police Station were surprised when a wallaby somehow slipped through the sliding doors and into the front office on Tuesday.

"The wallaby was cool, calm and collected, happily reporting for duty," an ACT Policing spokesperson said via Facebook.

ACT rangers removed "Constable Thumper" from the office and released it into its natural habitat, but not before a couple of comedians came out of the woodworks to comment on the unusual visit.

"Did he fill in the report about the driver who came out of nowhere and hopped right in front of him?" one wrote.


"Probably just wanted to fill out a crash report," another said.

"Was he reporting a pick pocket?" one questioned.

"Skippy was trying to tell them that little Jimmy had fallen down a disused mineshaft," another wrote.

While it's the first time a wallaby has wound up inside the police station, there is a resident blue tongue that often hangs around.