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What Canberra personalities want in 2016

With a whole fresh year ahead, we asked some local movers and shakers about what they're hoping for or looking forward to in 2016.

From having dinner with Oprah to opening new restaurants and winning gold – this is what they said.

Peter Harrington at Sage Dining Rooms in Braddon.

Peter Harrington at Sage Dining Rooms in Braddon. Photo: Rohan Thomson

Peter Harrington - restauranteur (Sage Dining Rooms, Akiba)

I see 2016 as a year of infinite possibilities and opportunities for Canberra to continue its emergence as the capital of cool. My partners and I will be playing our part in Canberra's rejuvenation, with an incredible new restaurant and bar in the city due to open in mid-2016.

For Private Capital: Jenna Douros who is taking part in the Hurt for Homeless burpee challenge Credit: Tina Nikolovski

Master trainers and Gold's Gym Australia ambassador Jenna Douros. Photo: Tina Nikolovski


Jenna Douros – master trainer and Gold's Gym Australia national brand ambassador

I am extremely excited about launching my new website, which will focus on providing motivation and inspiration to help build habits and creative imaginations. I would love to alter how people's minds perceive an empty space, playground or piece of equipment and turn it into their very own fit space. In 2016, I would love to see Canberrans getting creatively active with our gorgeous surroundings to achieve health and fitness goals.

Amber Nichols in performance

Amber Nichols on The Voice. Photo: Supplied

Amber Nichols – singer, songwriter

My New Year's resolution is to be present in every moment. At times I find myself so focused on what is ahead that I miss the beauty in the now. And beauty is all around me. 

Hockeyroos star Anna Flanagan is excited about having the Hockeyroos and Kookaburras return to  Canberra in 2017 and 2019.

Hockeyroos star Anna Flanagan. Photo: Ben Rushton

Anna Flanagan – Hockeyroos player

In 2016 I am hoping to go to my second Olympic games and bring home a gold medal. I would also love to tick some travel off the bucket list and go to New York with my boyfriend.

Carla and Emma Papas, The Merrymaker Sisters

Carla and Emma Papas, The Merrymaker Sisters Photo: Supplied

Carla and Emma Papas – bloggers behind The Merrymaker Sisters

Expanding our business and brand while maintaining balance is our big 2016 goal. We've turned our Merrymaker lifestyle in to a live four-week challenge, "Make Life Merry" where we hope to help over 2000 people this year become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves – our next challenge starts January 11 with another two planned for 2016. 

We're also expanding in to a Merrymaker jewellery and stationery line and have another two books planned to publish 2016. Bring. It. On. 

News: 9th May 2014. (From Left) James Souter, the Owner of the Bouthouse, and John Leverink, the Owner of Pod food. The Canberra Times. Photo by: Jamila Toderas

James Souter, owner of The Boathouse on the Lake. Photo: Jamila Toderas

James Souter –  restauranteur (The Boat House By The Lake)

I'm looking forward to welcoming our second daughter in 2016, whom our two-year-old, Juliet, has affectionately but rather unoriginally named "baby sister". For The Boat House I'm excited to continue to build upon the excellent feedback from 2015, some of the best we have ever had, and looking to finalise some long running refurbishment plans.

At the home of Carlo and Anita Krikowa in Gollan Street Evatt.
May 4th 2015
The Canberra Times
Photograph by Graham Tidy.

Carlo and Anita Krikowa, the founders of boyandgirlco. Photo: Graham Tidy.

Anita Krikowa – one half of recycled furniture company, boyandgirlco

Whether it's jam, a candle or a piece of furniture, I hope that everyone attempts to create something rather than just buying it this year. I hope to see Canberrans take advantage of nature strip gardening and in the process getting to better know their neighbours. And selfishly, I hope Oprah invites me over to her house for a home cooked meal during which we hug several times.