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Canberra man pinned ex-partner to the ground in front of children, court hears

A north Canberra man was in a psychotic-like state after taking the drug ice when he pinned his ex-partner to the ground, a court has heard. 

The man, 32, was brought before the ACT Magistrates Court after he allegedly breached a domestic violence order by showing up at the woman's Latham home to collect some belongings on Sunday. 

The court was told a court order had been taken out against the man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the female victim, after he allegedly assaulted his former partner in front of their young children. 

In one incident, the man was looking after two of the couple's three children at home while his ex-partner went to buy groceries with their other child, the court heard.

After she left he allegedly took methamphetamine, also known as ice, and when the woman arrived home he grew violent and accused her of infidelity. 

The woman told police he appeared to be in some kind of psychosis she thought stemmed from his drug-taking and he had assaulted her by pinning her to the ground.


He later made admissions to police that he had taken ice and and his mental health was deteriorating due to substance abuse, the court was told.

The man allegedly told police an original court order taken out against him was "a joke".

The prosecutor on Monday opposed a bail application on grounds the defendant was a flight risk and was likely to commit further offences against the woman or interfere with her as a witness. 

While the man reportedly resided at a property in Macgregor, all his belongings remained at the victim's Latham house, the prosecutor said. 

"It's no surprise while she's been in fear, under duress, she's let him live there ... More out of trying to keep the peace."

The prosecutor said police had strong concerns the accused would reoffend and endanger the complainant and their children no matter what bail conditions were imposed. 

A duty defence lawyer said the defendant did live in Macgregor and while he knew he would breach his court order by going to the Latham house on Sunday, he believed his ex-partner and their children were away.

The lawyer said the man had extensive substance abuse issues that he wasn't sure were being addressed.

Magistrate Bernadette Boss refused an application for bail and said she had no confidence that the accused would comply with any bail conditions given the previous breach.

She also cited concerns for the safety and welfare of the man's ex-partner and their three young children, especially given there was evidence of prior assaults in front of them.

Dr Boss was satisfied there was a likelihood the accused would commit further offences and interfere with the woman as a witness. 

She ordered the defendant be marked a prisoner at risk because of his psychiatric state. 

The man was remanded in custody and will next face court on January 19.