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Canberra man who bashed partner with boomerang sent to jail

A Canberra man accused of forcing entry into his partner's home and bashing her with a boomerang has been convicted in the ACT Magistrate's Court and sentenced to prison.

When sentencing the man to 16 months' imprisonment, Magistrate Peter Dingwall said the 29-year-old had displayed a "high degree of arrogance" towards his partner.

He had faced court on one charge of assault and one charge of damaging property.

The man had been sleeping at his partner's place about 3pm on September 1, when she woke him for an appointment he had that afternoon, the court was told.

The couple fought when he woke and he left the property. His partner called police, who told her to call back if he returned.

When he returned a short time later, the woman asked the man to leave and threatened to call the police if he refused. The man started kicking in the front door, the court heard.


At this point, the woman and her children became scared and she called the police.

The 29-year-old man made his way into the house, chasing her into the dining room and kicking her in the back of the legs, documents tendered to the court said.

She fell and he kicked her in the legs several more times. When she stood up, he punched her in the side of her head, which resulted in soreness and a large lump.

She fell again, into the laundry, and he smashed her body with a boomerang, which broke.

While the woman was on the ground the man threatened her with words to the effect of, "if you call police you're gonna get it", the documents said.

In an interview with police that night, the man said the boomerang, which he said was his, was damaged when he took it off the wall before leaving the property.

He said he had been let into the property, and the damage to the door was from when from his son locked his partner outside, and a friend broke in.

Court documents show that during the interview, the man said he was angry about the woman using her phone to message another man.

In an interview with police that evening, the woman said the man had become continually more abusive and violent towards her over the previous two weeks.

Magistrate Dingwall found the man had breached a suspended sentence for an assault and he cancelled his good behaviour order, activating the suspended sentence.  He also convicted and sentenced the man for the assault and damage to property on September 1.

He was sentenced to a total of 16 months' imprisonment, backdated to August 28. He will be eligible for release on parole on June 28.