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Canberra man who held mother captive rated a high risk of reoffending

A Forrest man who held his mother captive after she sought help for his drug abuse has been rated a strong risk of reoffending.

James Anthony Eimerl, 23, accused his mother of trying to "snitch" on him to Corrective Services while he was on parole, which would send him back to jail.

She had sought help believing he had returned to his ice addiction.

Eimerl became enraged and destroyed property at their Forrest home about 12.30pm in July last year.

He forced her to stand in a doorway, and threatened she would "get smashed" if she moved.

He then took her mobile phone, made a number of calls, and continued to threaten his mother for almost two hours until police arrived about 2.10pm.


Eimerl pleaded guilty to forcible confinement, property damage, and theft over the incident.

He appeared before Justice John Burns for sentence in the ACT Supreme Court on Thursday.

The court heard he had a safe and supportive childhood but chose a criminal lifestyle based on drug use.

Eimerl started using drugs in 2011 but stopped after he was jailed for the robbery of a cash transit driver.

He began again upon release, attributing his relapse to a break up with his girlfriend.

The court heard he had shown little remorse and had minimised his role in the offence, instead blaming his girlfriend, parents, and drugs.

Justice Burns said he could not see that his parents had sought help out of love and a desire to stop him destroying himself.

"You are too preoccupied by yourself," the judge said.

A presentence report author rated him a medium-to-high risk of reoffending.

The report author told a sentencing that the offender admitted to thwarting drug tests by abstaining from ice use in order to return clean results.

The author said Eimerl displayed immaturity and had a disturbing inability to self-reflect and take responsibility.

Justice Burns sentenced the offender to a total of two-years-and-two-months jail, with a non-parole period of 10 months.

Eimerl will be eligible for release in January.