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Canberra Mornings Live: Friday July 5

Lucy Rickard

And that's it from me!

I hope you all have a great weekend, whether you're heading to the snow, to the city or if you're sticking around in Canberra.

Thanks for joining me on the blog this morning, I'll be back here blogging from 6.30am on Monday!

And just to quickly recap the major headlines around the world this morning.

British police are investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, saying they believe the girl may be alive six years after the vanished from a Portugese holiday resort. There are dozens of persons of interest, police said.

There is confusion over the state of Nelson Mandela, with reports out that he was in a 'vegetative state'. But President Jacob Zuma says this is wrong. We'll be keeping an eye on any developments on this throughout the day.

Egypt's army has rounded up the leadership of ousted president Mohamed Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood, as chief justice Adly Mansour was sworn in as interim President.

Here's the top stories on the site this morning..

Tens of thousands of retired public servants are being mobilised in the election lead-up to push for better pensions.

Two people have been threatened and robbed by a man armed with a knife in the same Queanbeyan street overnight.

An army officer cadet has been found guilty of sexually assaulting the wife of a friend and fellow soldier as she lay at home in the dark, mistakenly believing the man was her husband.

The ACT opposition says taxpayers will be have to foot the bill for the territory's light rail network if there is no Commonwealth investment in the project.

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Let's take one last look at the weather before we head off this morning.

We're up to 8.4C in the capital at the moment, heading to a cool top of 11C. It dropped to 7C overnight.

We can expect some damaging winds of up to 100km/h today following reports of 120km/h gusts at Thredbo overnight.

It's going to a cool and cloudy weekend, with tops of 11C and 12C for Saturday and Sunday, with morning lows of 1C and -1C respectively.

We'll be signing off from the blog shortly, but you can stay up to date on the weather in this story.

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This is an incredible story, of how a Chinese grandmother has sacrificed herself to save her 15-month-old grandchild.

The girl was found alive seven hours after a landslide toppled their home around them.

Rescuers found the grandmother's body arched over the baby, protecting him from a concrete slab.

Chinese baby rescued from landslide

RAW VISION: Rescuers in China find a 15-month-old baby alive in the rubble, after being trapped for 7 hours following a landslide in Wenxing County.

Amazing snow photos are coming through from the folk at The Age, where more than 10cm of snow was recorded at Falls Creek overnight.

A large area of Victoria has been hit by strong winds overnight, with more wild weather on the cards for today.

The scene at Falls Creek, where more than 10cm of snow fell overnight.
The scene at Falls Creek, where more than 10cm of snow fell overnight. 
Read all about it ... the publication masthead submitted with Clive Palmer's trademark application.
Read all about it ... the publication masthead submitted with Clive Palmer's trademark application. Photo: IP Australia

What next?

Miner and wannabe prime minister Clive Palmer might now be preparing to take on media mogul Rupert Murdoch, owner of the newspaper he is suing.

Mr Palmer has lodged a trade mark for The Australian Times.

The application suggests the publication might include online and print versions, real estate advertising and even broadcasting services.

These sinkhole stories are becoming far too common for my liking...


Giant sinkhole swallows car

RAW VISION: A car is removed from a sinkhole after the driver was able to climb out unscathed with the help of authorities in Toledo, Ohio.

Here's some good news ahead of the weekend, especially for anyone heading to the coast in the school holidays. Work to clear debris after the landslip site on the Kings Highway at Clyde Mountain is all done.

However, one lane is still closed - it will reopen next week after the rock-fall fence is extended - and traffic is being guided through the worksite.

Work to repair damage after a landslip on the Kings Highway is complete.
Work to repair damage after a landslip on the Kings Highway is complete. Photo: Supplied
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This anonymous piece by an anonymous redhead on our Daily Life website is sure to generate some, ah, interesting comments today.

Today, they're talking about gingers. Or redheads, as they may prefer to be identified as.

Julia Gillard's red hair wasn't everything. And it wasn't nothing. But it was something. And it's time as a nation we started to work out what role her crimson mop played in her downfall.

And if we have the courage to do this, and to move forward together, then maybe it will be easier for the next ginger and the next one and the one after that. As a fellow ginger, I can only hope.


There was just one survivor among 20 of the Granite Mountain Hotshots crew who were caught in an Arizona fire this week. Here is a heartbreaking story about Brendan McDonough.

Surviving firefighter tried to warn crew

The lone survivor on an elite Arizona firefighting crew was serving as a lookout and relaying key information to his colleagues when a raging wildfire trapped and killed them, officials say.

Just back on the weather briefly, damaging winds of up to 100km/hr could hit Canberra on Friday, following reports of 120km/hr gusts in Thredbo.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned of potential gale force winds throughout parts of the capital and surrounding districts as a cold front continues to move across NSW.

Localised damaging winds averaging around 65 km/hr with peak gusts of 100 km/hr could affect Canberra, while destructive winds averaging 70km/hr with peak gusts of 120 km/hr are likely for the highest Alpine peaks.

We'll keep you updated on this throughout the morning as we get info from the Bureau.

In business news this morning, a major investment bank is expecting the Australian dollar to drop to US75 cents in 12 months, as enthusiasm for what was once dubbed the "Goldilocks economy" grows cold.

The revised forecast from Credit Suisse came as Reserve Bank deputy governor Philip Lowe said governor Glenn Stevens' comments about Tuesday's board meeting - which sent the dollar sliding down half a cent - were ''light-hearted'' and had been misinterpreted by financial markets and the media.

The analysts forecast the dollar to drop to US75¢ in 12 months.
The analysts forecast the dollar to drop to US75¢ in 12 months. 

And Joey Chestnut - also known as Jaws - tweeted this pic from the hotdog eating contest in New York. And in case you missed our earlier post, Jaws has downed 69 frankfurts to win the annual contest overnight.

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The new signs on Barry Drive...
The new signs on Barry Drive... 

Drivers have a new road safety reminder, thanks to the installation of a “GIVE WAY TO PEDS” sign in the city.

Minister for Territory and Municipal Services Shane Rattenbury said the sign, visible for traffic turning right from Kingsley Street onto Barry Drive, will become operational over the weekend.

Mr Rattenbury said drivers could expect to see more installed in the future.

St Kilda AFL player Stephen Milne will front a Melbourne court today on four rape charges. He is expected to appear with his wife and a manager.

Stephen Milne at St Kilda training at Seaford on Wednesday.
Stephen Milne at St Kilda training at Seaford on Wednesday. Photo: Pat Scala

Jenna Clarke has hit up the streets of Kingston to see what all the cool kids are wearing this winter.

We'll have a gallery of the best shots up shortly, but here's a sneak peek.

Fashion on the streets of Kingston.
Fashion on the streets of Kingston. Photo: Jay Cronan

Arts Minister Joy Burch will today be making an announcement about funding for the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

It comes ahead of the sold-out Actew Grand Gala concert al Llewellyn Hall on Saturday night.

Ms Burch will be joined by CSO conductor Nicholas Milton and CSO chairman Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston.

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