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Canberra Mornings Live: Thursday, April 11

Lucy Rickard

That's where we'll leave our live news coverage this morning - we hope you get to enjoy a bit of this autumn sunshine before the rain clouds move in on the weekend.

Thanks for joining us this morning - we hope to see you back here tomorrow when we'll do it all again from 6.30am.

In the meantime, if you have a news tip or something you think might be good for our live news coverage tomorrow, you can email us, tweet us or head over to Facebook.

Essendon coach James Hird and chairman David Evans arrived at the club's base at Windy Hill early this morning - a statement is expected to be released later today on the allegations that Hird inject a blacklisted substance.

The team is due to train today before flying to Perth for its clash against the Fremantle Dockers.

We'll have that statement on as soon as it is released today, so stay tuned.

Before we head off this morning to get a caffeine hit, here's a quick look at the biggest headlines of the day.

  • CSIRO is under fire over claims it duped a global drug firm with generic chemicals, marketed as a "secret formula".
  • The Calvary Hospital has been cleared of blame in the death of a severely disabled Canberra man who died after he was sent home from the north-side hospital 10 years ago.
  • Allegations are flying that Essendon coach James Hird was injected with a WADA-blacklisted drug.
  • Canberra transport company ACTION Buses has launched an investigation into reports of racial abuse aimed at a group of international students earlier this week.
  • And the high-speed rail study that puts Canberra just a 64 minute ride away from Sydney has been released today - Ross Peake got the scoop this morning and we'll be updating this story as it develops throughout the day.
Canberra Times online journalist and producer Tegan Osborne

Some pictures for you from Lake Burley Griffin at sunrise this morning.

Almost every morning, Canberra Times blogger Paul Jurak ventures out onto the waters of Lake Burley Griffin, to document the sunrise in photographs.

This morning online journalist Tegan Osborne joined him for a leisurely paddle, shooting these images for our readers.

If you'd like to see more photos from Lake Burley Griffin, check out Paul's photography at his Kayakcameraman Facebook page, or on his blog for the Canberra Times, Lake View.


Earlier this week we reported on a conference in Canberra helping bosses better manage their Gen Y workers.  Communication was the big issue identified.  A survey taken at the conference found 30 per cent of bosses viewed a "lack of communication skills' as a problem with Gen Y workers, although only one third of them had a proper induction plan in place to set expectations.

Almost half the participants felt Gen Y workers spent too much time on the phone, 39 per cent felt the young 'uns lacked commitment and just over a quarter felt their Gen Ys wanted to accelerate their careers too quickly.

Speaking on behalf of Gen Y was one person whose commitment can't be questioned, Canberra Raiders forward Shaun Fensom. The Green Machine's tackle machine has worked through the issues of being a young worker during a builder's apprenticeship.  He told the conference the challenge for bosses and workers was to keep open, honest lines of communication.


Raiders player Shaun Fensom at a conference to help employers manage Gen Y workers.
Raiders player Shaun Fensom at a conference to help employers manage Gen Y workers. Photo: Supplied
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A quick look at the entertainment world today, and it looks like Delta Goodrem made a bit of a boob of herself on The Voice last night.

Sticking with the reality shows, and the domestic goddesses and childhood sweethearts were back on the chopping board for another sudden death cook-off, Perth-style on My Kitchen Rules.

Craig Mathieson has today asked why the ABC can't reach the top shelf when it comes to showing top-line drama?

Duck and cover ... unfortunately there is no hiding on reality television.
Duck and cover ... unfortunately there is no hiding on reality television. 

A final look at the weather forecast this morning, and it's going to be another nice autumn day here in Canberra, with a top of 26 degrees expected. At the moment, it's 15.5 degrees.

The outlook for tomorrow is a mostly sunny day with a top of 25 degrees after an overnight low of 8 degrees.

The weekend is looking partly cloudy on Saturday with a top of 26, with a possible shower and 25 degrees for Sunday.

Johnny Rotten's rant at The Project host Carrie Bickmore hit the headlines yesterday, but the spectacularly cranky and offensive singer was in a more affable mood at the Sydney Airport, laughing off suggestions he performed a Nazi salute on Australian TV.

"If you really want to pin and skewer me, pull [me] up on the real details in my life, what I believe in: my class my creed, my culture . . . You will find that I am flawless, faultless, blameless . . . and handsome," he said.

What about telling Bickmore not to interrupt "when a man is talking". Is he sexist?

"I think [being called sexist] is lovely . . . there should be more sex in the world."

'I try so hard to be nice':  John Lydon, aka Sex Pistols punk rocker Johnny Rotten,  at Sydney Airport.
'I try so hard to be nice': John Lydon, aka Sex Pistols punk rocker Johnny Rotten, at Sydney Airport. Photo: Sahlan Hayes
John-Paul Moloney.

Good morning.  This morning our reporters will be digging deeper into the Federal Government's high speed rail report, which Ross Peake had the story on this morning. Canberra will be part of the first line, although we'll be waiting a long time for it.

Michael Inman has been looking into the fate of a popular fishing spot beloved by Canberra anglers, and he has some good news for them.  

And for some cute news, we'll be heading out to the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium, where they're preparing a new experience for visitors - the chance to meet a family of six Cotton Top Tamarins. The tiny primates are critically endangered in the wild in their native South America. Visitors can enter their enclosure to meet them in person and learn about their plight from their keeper.

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Everyone's talking about tunnels that might be built as part of a high-speed rail network. Chief Minister Katy Gallagher has taken to Twitter to tell everyone to just calm down. 

Lee Gaskin sports reporter

Raiders hooker Matt McIlwrick will speak to the media at 9am, but all eyes will be on Terry Campese as he trains two days out from his first game in a year. 

Campese has been named on an extended bench for the Raiders clash with the New Zealand Warriors at Canberra Stadium on Saturday night. 

The Raiders captain is returning from his second knee reconstruction and has played only seven games since going down in the semi-final loss to the Tigers in 2010.

Raiders player Matt McIlwrick during the Roosters match last weekend.
Raiders player Matt McIlwrick during the Roosters match last weekend. Photo: Melissa Adams

If you ever wanted to run away and join the circus, now might be your chance...

Even Canberra Times cartoonist David Pope has weighed into the NBN debate today.

Rte 31 riders from Cohen St - next bus in about 7 minutes

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All this talk about high speed rail has us thinking about where the station would end up - once it is eventually built, of course.

It's likely to be either the airport or Civic, or maybe near Epic.

As we reported last year, one of the options for the route is to send the train line under Mt Ainslie to a station in Civic.

However, Transport Infrastructure Minister Simon Corbell has warned this would be a "very expensive option" - although he does like the idea of putting the station in Civic.

We'll see what the report says when it is officially published later today.

Renewed push for high speed rail

Transport Minister Anthony Albanese says there is a demand for high speed rail which could see passengers travel from Melbourne to Sydney in under three hours.

James Magnussen at a Swimming Australia press conference in February.
James Magnussen at a Swimming Australia press conference in February. Photo: Mark Metcalfe

Olympic swimmer James Magnussen has enlisted the help of a “mind coach” to tackle his demons head on.

Magnussen reportedly told GQ magazine he remains scarred by the London Olympics debacle and the Stilnox scandal that followed.

From news wires this morning, KFC in China is struggling to recover from the publicity surrounding a new strain of flu. Sales are down 16 per cent for March at Chinese KFC stores after a “significant, negative impact” from new bird flu cases.

The National Broadband Network has been in the spotlight this week, with the Coalition announcing its less-than-average policy to rival that of the Labor Government.

So, with the topic of speeds and costs fresh in our minds, Fairfax technology editor Asher Moses has asked the question: How much speed do we actually need?

Another magic morning in Canberra.

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