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Canberra Now: News in 90 seconds for Friday February 17, 2017

Yay, it's finally Friday!

I hope you're prepared for another blistering day, with a top of 35 degrees. The hot temperature combined with dry conditions and strong winds have brought the ACT's fire danger up to extreme. This means a full fire ban is in place until midnight tonight.

Canberrans will receive some heat relief on Saturday with a forecast top of 27 degrees, followed by 27 on Saturday and 25 on Sunday. There is also a slight chance the weekend could see a shower or two.

Here's what's making news this morning:

Champagne to celebrate a meaningful amendment

This is a heart-warming one.

Lynne O'Brien and Caroline Marsh made a fitting toast to the ACT's new recognition of same-sex marriage and unions from overseas jurisdictions with a glass of champagne.


Ms O'Brien and Ms Marsh were married in Northern Ireland where the unionist government has vowed to block any attempts to legalise same sex marriage.

But they are over the moon to now call "one of Australia's more progressive governments home," and have their ceremony recognised.

Finbar O'Mallon has more.

Chris, left, and Nina, right, of Turner said the inner city was lovely aside from the occasional traffic jam.

Caroline Marsh and Lynne O'Brien are elated their overseas marriage is now recognised in the ACT but are looking forward to the day same-sex marriage is legal in Australia. Photo: Jay Cronan

Two cafes in the bad books with ACT Health

If you regularly eat at Belconnen eatery Ricardo's Cafe or the Central Cafe in Gungahlin, you might have to change your dining habits - at least for now.

The two Canberra cafes have been shut down by ACT Health for alleged "serious food safety breaches" and "risk to public health".

Another story by Finbar O'Mallon.

Bec Cody

Katie Skinner had salmonella poisoning, lost 8kg in 10 days and spent four days hospital. Photo: Jay Cronan

'Dangerous dog' rules not the solution

This issue is stirring a lot of controversy.

Recently, dog attack victims called for vicious breeds gone. Now the RSCPA has hit back, saying 'dangerous dog' rules are not a solution.

Steven Trask reports.

Jacob McDonald

The RSPCA says banning dangerous dog breeds simply won't work. Photo: Steve Cassell

The potential of theatre tourism

In case you haven't heard, Mamma Mia is coming to Canberra in November for its national premiere.

And Canberra has the potential to see many more global performances hit the local stage, according to Mamma Mia co-producer, Louise Withers.

Michael Gorey reports how theatre tourism could be the capital's next big thing.

Dan Hills and Bethany Flanagan by the Love Box along the bike path in O'Connor.

What will be the impact of the Prime Minister's XI flop in turnout figures on Wednesday night?

Apparently nothing to do with Canberra securing a Big Bash League fixture next summer, according to Cricket ACT boss Cameron French.

Manuka Oval was about half-full for the PM'sXI fixture on Wednesday night.

But French is confident the hugely popular BBL competition will return to Manuka Oval, Eamonn Tiernan reports.

Prime Minister's XI v Sri Lanka Twenty20 cricket match.

There was a modest crowd at the Prime Minister's XI v Sri Lanka Twenty20 match. Photo: Getty Images


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