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Canberra Now: News in 90 seconds for Monday June 19, 2017

Good Morning Canberra.

We have a classic crisp winter day on the cards for your Monday. After a minus 2 degree low, things are set to warm up to 15 degrees and reveal a clear, sunny afternoon. 

It's a formula you can expect throughout this week. But make the most of the sunshine as the bureau has forecast potential showers over the weekend. 

Let's see what's making news in the capital. 

Shorten calls for cladding inquiry after deadly London disaster 

The charred remains of the building.

The blackened exterior of Grenfell Tower, London. Photo: Getty Images. 

Bill Shorten is calling for an urgent parliamentary hearing into the cladding material used in Australian buildings after London's deadly Grenfell Tower fire.


Fairfax Media last week revealed the Australian Building Codes Board had been aware of the safety threat since at least 2010.

And the ACT government confirmed flammable cladding similar to that at the centre of the London tower blaze was used widely in Canberra buildings

The opposition leader feels urgent action is needed to prevent similar tragedies from occurring

Former PM&C boss pushes back against decentralisation

Terry Moran head of Prime Minister & Cabinet 5 February 2010 Canberra. Photo by Andrew Meares / Fairfax for AFR SPECIAL 2222

Former PM&C boss Terry Moran. Photo: Andrew Meares. 

One of Australia's most respected public servants has drawn attention to potential snags with the government's decentralisation push.

Former Prime Minister and Cabinet boss, Terry Moran, has urged the government to take a strategic approach, warning regional cities could be too small to support transplanted workers. 

Political reporter Tom McIlroy has the full story and with the help of Doug Dingwall has put together extra coverage with a clever map showing the spread of staff in various departments.

Triad kingpin deported 

DIGICAM 0000 SHD,NEWS,GANG RAID A police raid in the Chinese restaurant, Silver Spring near the corner of Pitt and Hay St. on Friday 17th August, 2002 at around 9.30pm produced arrests for gang activity and immigration offences. An asian male is escorted by police from the scene.

About 50 alleged gangsters, including this unidentified person, were arrested in this raid on a Chinese restaurant in 2002. Mr Guo admitted he was in the restaurant that night but denied any knowledge of the strong Triad presence. Photo: Steve Lunam. 

An alleged kingpin of the notorious Triad crime family is finally set for deportation 20 years after the Immigration Department's first bungled attempt to send him home.

The case of Mr Guo, now 60, brings to light extraordinary new details of Australia's underground Asian crime networks.

Steven Trask's story details the decades-long fight by police to expose them.

Farrer fire engulfs a house and several cars

The site of a deliberately lit fire at a home on Lambrigg St in Farrer

The aftermath on Sunday after a fire blazed through a home and several cars on Lambrigg St in Farrer Photo: Rohan Thomson.

Neighbours and fire crews rushed to the scene on Lambrigg Street just after 11pm on Saturday night to find several cars, as well as parts of a house, engulfed in flames.

ACT Emergency services are investigating the fire they suspect was deliberately lit. 

Sherryn Groch has the full story

Breakfast with Neil 'Wilco' Wilcock

Neil Wilcock is joining Kristen Henry on the Mix 106.3 morning lineup. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong

Neil Wilcock is joining Kristen Henry on the Mix 106.3 morning lineup. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong.

Kristen Henry said she "felt like The Bachelorette for about two weeks" as MIX 106.3 in Canberra auditioned male presenters to make sure new they had the right chemistry.

And it was Neil 'Wilco' Wilcock who got the proverbial rose. 

Megan Doherty sat down with the duo who are due to hit the airwaves together on June 26

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