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Canberra petrol prices have drivers paying an extra 20c per litre

Canberra motorists were paying close to 20c more per litre of petrol than Sydney drivers last week, according to the latest national petrol price data.

According to the Australian Institute of Petroleum, the Australian national average price of unleaded petrol fell by 4.4c to 144.4c a litre in the week to August 31, but in Canberra prices were down just 0.2c to 155.2 c/L.

That made Canberra more expensive than all capital cities except Darwin (173.0c/L) and Hobart (159.1c/L) when it comes to petrol, and dearer than the Australian regional average of 152.1c/L, too.

Meanwhile, the average unleaded petrol price in Sydney was down by 8.9c to 137.6c/L, a price only bettered by Adelaide, which increased 0.7 cents to 134.5c/L.

The difference means Canberra drivers were paying an extra $10.50 to fill up a 60L tank than they would have paid in Sydney.

Figures from MotorMouth show that petrol prices in Sydney hit the high point 10 days ago and had since been falling.

Melbourne and Brisbane have been drifting lower for 22 days since hitting their peaks. In Adelaide, the last discounting cycle lasted 34 days and is now lifting towards the peaks.

As of Monday, the national average wholesale unleaded petrol price was up 0.3c on last week's nine-month low, to 135.4c/L.

In Australian dollar terms, the Singapore gasoline price rose by $1.10 a barrel, or 0.9 per cent, last week to $120.98 a barrel or 76.09c a litre.