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Canberra police frustrated by speeding drivers after string of road deaths

A international student nabbed driving at 132km/hr, a provisional driver clocked doing 40km/hr above the limit and a teenage motorcyclist allegedly caught travelling more than 50km/hr faster than he should have been.

Those are among speeding drivers whose behaviour fed-up traffic police have described as "crazy" in the wake of four deaths on the region's roads in recent weeks. 

ACT Policing said a motorcyclist was slapped with an $1800 fine and 12 demerit points after officers detected him travelling at 148km/hr in an 80km/hr zone.

Two days later he was again stopped by police who clocked him riding at 157km/hr in an 80km/hr zone. 

In a separate incident, police said a 25-year-old international student was stopped on Majura Parkway, where the speed limit is mostly 100km/hr, after police clocked the car travelling at 132km/h. 

That driver was fined $674 and attracted eight demerit points.


A p-plate driver received the same punishment after police caught them travelling at 120km/hr in an 80km/h zone in Belconnen.  

Police said another woman, 29, copped a $352 fine and six demerit points when she was sprung driving 110km/hr in an 80km/hr zone.

Acting Station Sergeant Stephen Booth said driving at such high speeds was "just crazy". 

"There are always kangaroos and wildlife wandering onto our roads at these times, not to mention other vehicles and road users. 

"At those speeds you aren't going to have time to react to something jumping out of the darkness in front of you. 

"If you crash your car, or worse, a motorcycle, at 157km/h it's all over. You're not walking away from that."

Senior police are disappointed the message to slow down still hasn't gotten through to drivers even after a horrific few weeks on ACT roads and double demerit penalties in place for speeding, seatbelt and mobile phone offences.

Isabella Plains resident Valda Jeffery, 74, died in hospital after a two-vehicle smash, which could have been caused by a medical condition, at Calwell on Christmas Day. 

Three days earlier a Farrer man, 84, and his wife, 82, died after a collision on Yamba Drive in Farrer.

A man died in a single-vehicle crash in Cook on December 28. 

The fatalities brought the total 2015 ACT road toll to 15, which was five more deaths than in 2014 and the highest toll since 2010.