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Canberra residents warned of Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions scam

Canberrans have been warned of scammers impersonating the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions' Canberra office.

Australian Federal Police are investigating reports of voice mail messages telling residents there is a warrant for their arrest in relation to an offence against the Australian Taxation Office.

"The AFP is aware of reports of a scam involving voicemail messages falsely attributed to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions," an Australian Federal Polices spokesman said.

"The voicemail messages request you to contact the CDPP in relation to a tax fraud warrant."

The spokesman said police had received a referral from the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecution on Tuesday about the scam. 

He would not comment further while the investigation was underway.


In a statement, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has urged anyone suspicious of phone calls from its Canberra office to contact the organisation. 

"Unsolicited phone calls have been reported to this office by members of the public," the statement read.

"Calls received claim to be from the Canberra Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. The call appears to be a pre-recorded message requesting people to contact 'the office on 02 6100 3027 in relation to a tax fraud warrant'.

"The calls are not from a member of the CDPP's office and the number '02 6100 3027' is not associated with the CDPP. These calls appear to be a scam being perpetrated on the public."

Police have urged residents to report suspected scams to SCAMwatch, while financial losses should be reported to police and relevant banks.

"Scams are designed to trick you into making payments direct to a bogus entity or disclosing your personal details," the police spokesman said.

"They come in many forms – mail, email, telephone, over the internet and door-to-door."

To report a scam, visit or phone 1300 795 995

To check the authenticity of a CDPP call, phone 6206 5666 or email