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Canberra spared national fuel price jump

Canberra motorists are currently enjoying the third-cheapest fuel of all capital cities after prices rose across the country in the past week.

The average price of fuel in Canberra remained steady at 149.8 cents per litre over the past week, in a period when fuel prices in other capital cities jumped by more than 3 cents a litre.

The latest jump of 3.4 cents took the average national petrol price petrol to a 10-month high of 152.0 a litre, and caps off a seven-week period where prices have gone up by 13.4 cents - the biggest lift in prices in four years, according to CommSec.

The price rises hit hardest in Melbourne and Brisbane, where motorists were asked to pay 8.3 cents more per litre compared to the previous week.

The only capital cities with cheaper fuel than Canberra were Sydney, at 148.1, and Adelaide, at 142.5 cents.

On average, families across the nation have been spending about $16 per month more on fuel than at the start of the year, taking spending power away from consumers, according to CommSec analysis.

But CommSec said there are signs that world oil prices have peaked in the near-term, which means prices at the pump should stop rising in the near future.

Average unleaded petrol prices across states over the past week: Sydney (up 2.4 cents to 148.1 c/l), Melbourne (up 8.3 cents to 154.4 c/l), Brisbane (up 8.3 cents to 155.3 c/l), Adelaide (down 5.3 cents to 142.5 c/l), Perth (up 2.5 cents to 150.4 c/l), Darwin (up 1 cents to 164.5 c/l), Canberra (unchanged at 149.8 c/l) and Hobart (up 1.2 cents to 157.4 c/l).