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Canberra the last stop for Olympic party

Canberra is the last stop on the journey for Australia's 2012 Olympians, where 34 athletes have gathered in Civic Square, marking the end of the welcome home parades, after seven celebrations in nine days.

Sailing gold medallists Matthew Belcher and Malcolm Page were among the athletes signing autographs from midday today (Tuesday August 28) before a formal reception began in the Canberra Theatre at 1pm.

Jared Tallent, 50km walk silver medallist, was scheduled to be there, as will dual rowing medallist, Kim Crow with double scull partner Brooke Pratley.

Local hockey star Glenn Turner and fellow Kookaburra Nathan Burgers were down to attend, as were Canberra sprinters Lauren Boden and Melissa Breen.

The forecast was for a sunny 15°C.

Territory and Municipal Services advised that London Circuit would be closed between Petrie Plaza and Akuna Street from 11am to 1.30pm to allow for the celebrations.

People catching buses were also warned that the bus stops on London Circuit adjacent to The Waldorf, Commonwealth Bank and the Legislative Assembly would not be serviced between 10.30am to 2pm.

The following athletes were due to attend the celebrations in Canberra:

  • Elisa Barnard,   Archery 
  • Taylor Worth, Archery 
  • Luke Adams, Athletics 
  • Lauren Boden, Athletics 
  • Melissa Breen, Athletics 
  • Chris Erickson, Athletics 
  • Jared Tallent, Athletics (Silver medallist)
  • Claire Tallent, Athletics 
  • Natalie Cook, Beach volleyball 
  • Louise Bawden, Beach volleyball 
  • Becchara Palmer, Beach volleyball
  • Luke Jackson, Boxing 
  • Jessica Fox, Canoe/Kayak - slalom (Silver medallist)
  • Nathan Burgers, Hockey (Bronze medallist)
  • Glenn Turner, Hockey (Bronze medallist)
  • Ed Fernon, Modern pentathlon 
  • Scott Brennan, Rowing 
  • David Crawshay, Rowing 
  • Kimberley Crow, Rowing (Silver & Bronze medallist)
  • Karsten Forsterling, Rowing (Bronze medallist)
  • Tess Gerrand, Rowing 
  • Brooke Pratley, Rowing (Silver medallist)
  • Matthew Belcher, Sailing (Gold medallist)
  • Malcolm Page, Sailing (Gold medallist)
  • Angie Bainbridge, Swimming (Silver medallist)
  • Tommaso D'Orsogna, Swimming (Bronze medallist - Heat Swimmer) 
  • Sally Foster, Swimming 
  • Belinda Hocking, Swimming 
  • Jenny-Lynn Anderson, Synchro swimming 
  • Samantha Reid, Synchro swimming 
  • Johnno Cotterill, Water polo
  • Bronwen Knox, Water polo (Bronze medallist)
  • Jane Moran, Water polo (Bronze medallist)
  • Sophie Smith, Water polo (Bronze medallist)