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Canberra Times Fun Run a perfect practice run for marathon runners

For these Indigenous Marathon Project graduates, the 2014 Canberra Times Fun Run will be the perfect way to test their fitness. 

Korey Summers and Nadine Hunt will run 10 kilometres on Sunday, while Georgia Gleeson, who is recovering from bronchitis, will do the 5 kilometre race. 

With the trio all well accustomed to marathon running, some might think the 2014 Canberra Times Fun Run, presented by Westpac, would feel like a walk in the park for these three. 

Mr Summers recently moved to Canberra from Alice Springs for a position with the ABC and to continue his running career. He was part of IMP's squad in 2012 when the New York Marathon was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, so he ran the Tokyo Marathon last year instead. 

Mr Summers was recently selected to join the ACT half-marathon team to participate in the Australian Half-Marathon Championships and he plans do next year's Chicago Marathon.  

"I love the satisfaction of running and it just makes me happy to do it. Also I'm aiming to get as high as I can in Australia, so that's one of my goals and one of the driving forces of why I keep running," he said.


Mr Summers runs about 120 kilometres a week and trains before and after work.

"The 10 kilometres is really to see where I'm at in my running at the moment and then I've got a couple of other races coming up," he said. 

Mr Summers recommends people who may interested in running find a buddy to keep them motivated or join a running clubs. 

Ms Hunt, who in 2011 became the first recorded Indigenous Australian woman to finish the New York Marathon, is looking forward to Sunday's fun run.

"This Sunday is more to just to see where I'm at, to start training properly and it's always good to do a 10km every few months to see how the fitness is going," she said. 

She plans to run the Tokyo Marathon next year.

Ms Hunt, who works for IMP, revealed she prepared for her first ever marathon in just six months.

"I got ready in six months off no running training, off no running background and I just think if I can do that, any average person out there can do it and it's free," she said. 

Ms Gleeson, a 31-year-old mother of four who ran the New York Marathon last year, said she got into running because she wanted a lifestyle change.

"I noticed what a big difference it made to my mental health and it snowballed from there," she said.

Registrations for the 2014 Canberra Times Fun Run for the 14km, 10km and 5km courses close at noon next Saturday. Register at