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Canberra woman fined for cannabis cake

A cannabis-laced birthday cake was confiscated by police and the owner, a Canberra woman, charged with possession of a prohibited drug after she was busted with the baked good late last year.

The 49-year-old woman, of Evatt, appeared at Queanbeyan Local Court this week to plead guilty to two counts of possessing a prohibited drug.

The woman had no previous criminal record. She was stopped by police on Sunday, October 24 while she was on her way to the Dragon Dreaming Festival at Wee Jasper.

The woman and her partner were pulled over by officers in Wee Jasper at about 7.20pm for a random breath test. After passing the test, the officer told them a drug sniffer dog would search their car and asked if they had any drugs on them.

The woman admitted to having a small amount of cannabis leaf as well as a butter cake covered with green icing which contained cannabis.

The cannabis matter weighed about 20 grams but according to the police report the cake could not be weighed at the time because it was too large for the scale. The cake was later recorded as being 1.2 kilograms.


The woman explained to police she had visited a friend prior to heading to the festival. The friend, a visiting artist, gave her the cannabis and cake as a birthday gift which had been celebrated just over a week before the festival.

The woman said she didn't want to offend her friend by refusing the gift and in a letter to the magistrate stated it was "a dreadfully irresponsible decision and one [she] deeply regrets."

Magistrate Chris Bone fined the woman $500 for the butter cake and gave her a section 10A for the other drug possession charge.

The court ordered that the cake be destroyed.

Approximately 2500 people attended the Dragon Dreaming Festival in 2014 and a total of 74 people were found with prohibited drugs including cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, ice and magic mushrooms.

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