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Canberran nudists find a natural home in the Kambah Pools

There's nothing more Canberran than enjoying the natural bush close to home, especially at the nudist section of the Kambah Pools.

Since 1972, a corridor of the Murrumbidgee River in Canberra's south has been a sanctuary for those willing to shed their clothes and inhibitions.

But while the prospect of public nudity may be confronting to some, an ACT Nudist Club spokesman said the Kambah Pool was a perfect location for those willing to experiment with nudity.

"We do have people come to us who have never been nudists before and people certainly go to the Kambah Pools to try it out for the first time," he said.

"You get a few people who say they'll just do it once but then find it far more comfortable to be without clothes.

"If a person came along with the intention of just gawking at others we'd pick up on that very quickly."


A Territory and Municipal Services spokesman said the pools are were well signposted and most Canberrans appreciated the area was designated for nude bathing.

"Nude bathing and sunbaking is permitted only within a signposted area of Kambah Pool, which was declared and set aside under the Nudity Act of 1976," he said.

There are no other designated spaces for public nudity in the ACT.

The spokesman said many Canberrans may not realise nudists were a common part of society and held respectable jobs.

"Our youngest member is two and our oldest member is about 80-years-old so you get young families, retirees and it's really a cross section of the broader community," he said.

"The police officer who stopped you for a breath test five minutes ago could be a nudist; so too could the airline captain who flew your last flight."

The ACT Nudist Club has secured a 14-hectare private property near Bungendore for those who wish to relax among fellow nudists.

But despite a choice of either the Kambah Pool or the secluded club, Andrew was satisfied with the number of designated nudist retreats in Canberra.

"I think in the ACT we're actually well covered compared to other parts of Australia, such as Queensland where there are no legal nude beaches," he said.

The spokesman said the nudist club would engage in the time-honoured tradition of a pool party on Australia Day while listening to the Triple J hottest 100.

The only difference of course will be the choice – or lack of – clothing.