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Canberrans younger than your average Aussie

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Canberrans thinking they lead just an average life should spare a thought for all the 34-year-old women working as general clerks in the ACT – they’ve just been named the actual “average” Canberra citizen.

But never content to be too average, Canberra’s average person is the second youngest of all the states and territories, and the only average person to be working a desk job.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released their profiles of the average Australians as part of their Social Trends series on Wednesday.

According to the data, a compilation of 2011 census statistics, the average Australian is a 37-year-old woman who works as a sales assistant and was born in Australia.

“She speaks only English at home and belongs to a Christian religion, most likely Catholic,” the report said.

“She is married, and lives with her husband and two children (a boy and a girl aged nine and six) in a separate house with three bedrooms and two cars in a suburb of one of Australia's capital cities. They have lived in that house for at least five years, and have a mortgage where they pay $1800 a month.


“She has a Certificate in Business and Management, and drives to her job as a sales assistant, where she works 32 hours a week. She also does unpaid work around the house for five or more hours a week.”

Despite the statistical averages, the ABS also said that no single Australian actually met all the criteria to be classified as truly average on census night, which reflects a growing diversity across the nation.

The profile of the average Australian has changed markedly over the past 100 years. In 1911, the average Aussie was a 24-year-old Anglican male farmer - 50 years later, in 1961, he was a 29-year-old clerk.

On a state-by-state breakdown, the average Canberran is the second-youngest at 34, behind the average Northern Territorian who is a 31-year-old male.

The ACT is also one of just three states where the average job is not as a sales assistant. The average Northern Territorian is in the defence forces, and the average Western Australian is a 36-year-old male truck driver.

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