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Canberra's rabbit round-up appears successful

A poison carrot control program to cull an influx of rabbits in Woden seems to have reduced numbers but there are no concrete statistics to back up the claim.

Territory and Municipal Services and the club joined forces on the program in the Hughes and Red Hill region, which started on February 14, to combat rabbit numbers and prevent overgrazing. The program ended in early April.

A TAMS spokeswoman said anecdotal reports by rangers and residents suggested a considerable reduction in numbers in the Red Hill Nature Reserve.

However, limited evidence suggested the reduction in rabbits was not as significant on the land adjacent to the golf course.

‘‘While TAMS usually conducts night time spotlight counts before and after programs to give an indication of its success, such counts were not completed as part of this program,’’ she said.

‘‘This is due to the time and resource constraints for completing the control program across this precinct.’’


The spokeswoman said no further measures were planned for the area but the directorate welcomed community feedback on rabbit numbers.

However, a spokeswoman previously said future pest control work would continue to be used in the Red Hill precinct if necessary.

Measures such as baiting, fumigation and the release of the Calicivirus would be considered, she had said.

In January, The Chronicle reported the concerns of David Morgan who lives opposite the golf course and was worried the invasion of rabbits stemmed from excavation work at the western end of the Federal Golf Club.

Mr Morgan said he was reluctantly encouraged by the results.

He had witnessed a very recent drop in numbers near his home, which is close to the golf course, however, one stubborn rabbit was proving a little difficult to boot.

‘‘I’m almost rabbit free – touch wood,’’ he said. ‘‘[But] come spring there is going to be some that survive and they’re going to breed, well, like rabbits.’’