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CanTheTram hold white ribbon protest of Northbourne Avenue tree removal

The white crosses marking felled trees on Northbourne Avenue are gone, but a new visual protest emerged on Saturday with white ribbon laced around the trunks of trees slated to be removed to make way for the light rail track.

CanTheTram Inc vice-chairman Max Flint said his organisation was behind both visual protests which aimed to invigorate public resistance to the government's light rail project.

"The main purpose of the white ribbon, and of course the crosses the other day where trees had been removed, is to highlight these trees are being sacrificed for an inferior transport solution namely the tram," he said.

Mr Flint worked methodically wrapping ribbon on close to 100 trees with the help of CanTheTram Inc member Dr Jenny Stewart.

But he said after all the effort he expected the ribbons, like the crosses, would soon be removed by TAMS.

"Many people do not appreciate yet what the tram is all about and the problems it will cause with Northbourne Avenue," he said.


"Part of it is the removal of all these trees. Then there is the outrageous costs, the nine or ten traffic lights planned for the corridor and the congestion which will be much worse than it is now because of the tram."

Mr Flint wouldn't give details of any plans for future visual protests, but was glad to see the move had got people talking.

"To date the government has been playing a dead bat to everything we have put up to them," he said.

"Putting the ribbon around the trees has an immediate effect and people notice it. This issue needs a lot more exposure."