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Car smashes into Belconnen shop front

A car smashed though a double-brick wall into her offices causing more than $30,000 worth of damage but Lyn McKenzie considers herself lucky.

‘‘If we’d been there we would have been killed or injured,’’ she said.

A car smashed into the "Action Sports Wear" shop front wall early Saturday.
A car smashed into the "Action Sports Wear" shop front wall early Saturday. Photo: Katherine Griffiths

The white Toyota smashed into Action Sportsware on Nettlefold Street at about 7am.

Ms McKenzie was at home reading the paper when her landlord rang.


‘‘There is a lot of rubble so I can’t get to the equipment. Everything- partitions, filing cabinets -all got pushed back. It was like a freight train,’’ she said.

Ms Mckenzie said the $30,000 damage was a very early estimate of the damage.


She cannot help but feel grateful even though the store is closed and the clean-up could take weeks.

‘‘I’m lucky because a lot of my printing equipment and embroidery machines are okay. One of my machines is damaged and they are $30,000 each. All my printing equipment missed being hit by centimetres. I lost one whole desk but I consider that lucky. 


I could have lost a lot more... we work in that area. That is our industrial working area that was damaged.’’

Builders re-enforced the walls on Saturday but Ms Mckenzie was not sure when she would be able to  re-open.

‘‘We haven’t had a structural engineer in yet and the walls will have to be rebuilt.’’