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Cars bank up at Majura petrol stations as prices fall below $1 a litre

Eager motorists lined up for more than half an hour at Majura petrol stations on Friday afternoon to cop bargain prices starting at 94.7c for diesel and 99.7c for unleaded.

These amounts were Costco petrol station's prices. Its nearest competitor, Woolworths Caltex, was selling unleaded at the same price, with a shopper docket discount, and diesel fuel for around four more cents a litre, at 98.7c, as of 4.30pm.

Before peak hour, some bowsers at the Costco petrol station were already banked up with a dozen cars as parking attendants sought to manage the congestion.

One driver taking advantage of the cheap petrol was Rosemary Rittner from Harrison, who commuted to Majura after seeing the news on television and thinking it too good to be true.

"Filling up petrol is a lot of money and I have to drive a lot, so this was great," she said.


"It has been nearly 10 years ago since I remember seeing petrol this cheap."

Despite waiting in line for about 15 minutes, she believed it was worth waiting. However, not everyone agreed.

Sophie Lever from Holt, who had been waiting more than half an hour, said she only chose the petrol station because she had been shopping at Costco.

"We've also had some trouble filling up so we've been trying to do it for about 10 minutes," she said.

"I might save $5 ... it's probably not worth it."

While some people said they hadn't seen fuel prices fall this low for a decade, both Costco and Woolworths had similar bargains this time last year.

The drop in Australian petrol prices this time coincides with low world oil prices.

According to ACT fuel watch, the only Canberra petrol station that were selling fuel for less than a dollar on Friday were Costco petrol station in Majura, Woolworths Caltex in Majura and Metro Petroleum in Fyshwick.

But the bargains don't stop there.

Metro Petroleum in Fyshwick will drop its prices by $1 a litre between noon and 2pm next Wednesday.

The promotion is to launch in Canberra the app Go2 Rewards, which rewards users with fuel discounts for shopping at partner businesses.

Similar to Coles and Woolworths fuel discount coupons, users earn discounts by shopping at specific partner stores, but can then use their fuel discount at any service station – even on top of other discounts.