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Chance to see your best shots in print

The family's expensive camera has perhaps been left at home more this summer holiday than ever before.

Smartphones are increasingly replacing the stand-alone Kodak, Nikon or Canon, and the effect of apps such as Instagram are now seen on many a chronicled beach getaway.

Public servant Julie Blades used her phone to snap daughter Emma with a bream caught at Batemans Bay and entered the image in the Canberra Times summer photo competition.

"I own a good camera but it's shoved in a drawer somewhere," Ms Blades said.

The Queanbeyan woman's only complaint about taking photos with a digital camera is that she can't look through a traditional viewfinder.

Tom Kirby has had his SLR camera put away for two years.


"It's purely the ease of [taking photos with a phone]," said the 28-year-old high school geography teacher.

"If you can't be bothered carrying a camera around."

The Stirling man entered a photo into the competition of his father sitting at the inlet in Narooma.

"I had a look at the photo two days later and realised how good it was," he said.

Canberra Times photographic editor Karleen Minney said there were several ways to take better smartphone photos.

The zoom function often lowered a picture's quality, so she advised budding snappers to walk closer to the subject.

People could also use lower camera angles for variety and were advised to go with their gut instincts.

The competition gives aspiring photographers the chance to have their favourite shots published; the winning entry receives $500, second prize $300, and third $200.

For your opportunity to win, all you have to do is snap one of those magic summer moments and send it to The Canberra Times. A selection of the entries will be published in the newspaper and on throughout the summer holidays.

Entrants must send their images, attached as JPEG files, to

The photographs must be a minimum of 150Kb and a maximum of 1Mb.

There is a maximum limit of three photos per person, and entrants should include their name, address, phone number and a brief description of their shots.

The competition deadline has been extended. The finish date for submissions will be close of business Friday, February 1, 2013.