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Chifley intersection upgrade finished

A $380,000 upgrade of the intersection of Melrose Drive and Eggleston Crescent in Chifley is complete with only a few minor works to be finished within the next fortnight.

Traffic lights were installed at the intersection and the speed limit of a section of Melrose Drive between Hindmarsh Drive and Yarra Glenn reduced from 70 to 60km/h to improve safety and access to and from Chifley.

Residents exiting the Woden Valley suburb often grappled with increased traffic volumes in the area, particularly along Melrose Drive.

Original upgrades to the intersection via the federal government’s Black Spot Program would have seen the partial closure of the intersection’s median to block right-turn access to Melrose Drive.

After widespread concern and concerted community lobbying the project was removed from the program and considered for ACT capital works funding for the installation of traffic lights.


The work was partially funded by the federal government’s Black Spot Program, however.

Woden Valley Community Council member and Chifley resident Martin Miller said the intersection had been working well since the completion of major works.

“I walk the kids to the bus stops on Melrose Drive and observed it every couple of days and it seems to be working well,” he said.

A suggested change to one of the traffic lights’ five phases was implemented by Territory and Municipal Services immediately.

“There are five separate phases – one of the phases had cars turning into Chifley off Melrose Drive but cars weren’t turning left out of Eggleston Crescent,” Mr Miller said.

“We suggested it would be ideal if cars could turn left at the same time and they accepted that. [Originally] only one phase could turn left out of Chifley, we’d suggested at least two.”

The new traffic lights have been co-ordinated with existing lights at the intersection of Melrose Drive and Botany Street.

Minor adjustments to the pram ramps and line marking will be completed in the next fortnight.