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Choc milk kicks off with Raiders Lime on bench

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Canberra, the wait is nearly over.

Canberra Milk announced that Raiders Lime milk, the iconic 1990s green drink, will be back in time for the first Canberra Raider's home game of the season.

Raiders Lime will be fondly remembered by those who grew up with it, although the flavour combination did not appeal to everyone.

Capitol Chilled Food, owner of Canberra Milk, stopped making flavoured milk in 1996, but this week began putting Canberra Milk Choc and Canberra Milk Choc-Malt Honey varieties on shelves in supermarkets, service stations and takeaway stores.

Raiders Lime will be the next flavour to come out of Canberra Milk's Fyshwick factory.


Canberra Milk marketing manager Kylie McCaffery said it was a business decision to stop manufacturing flavoured milk, but consumers had changed since then.

''We did some market research to find out if the market would like a Canberra Milk flavour. Everything we did was positive and there was a strong demand to bring back Raiders Lime,'' she said.

Ms McCaffery would not comment on whether the lime recipe would be the same as the one used previously, but the fat content of the flavoured milk had been lowered to meet the nutritional requirements of schools.

Capitol Chilled Food managing director Garry Sykes was a foundation sponsor of the Raiders in 1982 and reportedly has a tattoo of the Raiders logo on his shoulder.

Raiders Lime flavour will be back from March 24 for the rugby league season, and if successful will be brought in again next year.

''We've always been a strong supporter of the Raiders. It's always been a popular flavour out in the market. So bringing it back has been something we've wanted to do for our consumers, and also just to strengthen that relationship and partnership we have had right from the beginning with the Canberra Raiders,'' Ms McCaffery said.