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Christians gather for Stations of the Cross

Christians gathered under a cloudless sky in Barton for the Good Friday Stations of the Cross procession.

About 180 of the faithful from various churches came to the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture for the annual re-enactment of the biblical description of Christ’s final days of life, his death and resurrection.

Costumed actors moved around the centre’s grounds and chapel as they depicted the events from the Last Supper on, described by leaders from the Catholic, Uniting, Anglican, Presbyterian and Baptist churches.

Those present united in song as the actors, portraying Jesus, his disciples, Pontius Pilate and Roman soldiers, moved through the nine stations.

Catholic administrator of the Canberra and Goulburn archdiocese, Monsignor John Woods, said the day was one of reflection.

“By gathering today we have entered again into the mystery of Christ,” he said.


Uniting Church minister Gregor Henderson closed the event by emphasizing the importance of the Easter sacrifice to all Christians.

“We are the people of the word, the people of the healing, the people of the cross, but above all we are the Easter people,” Reverend Henderson said.

The ecumenical event has been held at the centre for 10 years since moving from Commonwealth Park.

Saturday's Easter events include the walk by Anglican bishop Stuart Robinson and retired Catholic bishop Pat Power from Campbell to St John’s in Reid with a 2.5-metre cross, before a Liturgy of Waiting on the church lawn and a BYO picnic basket tea. The walk begins at 4pm.

The carrying of the cross concludes on Easter Sunday, starting at the ACT Legislative Assembly at 5am and proceeding via Parliament House to the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, where the National Capital dawn service begins at 7.15am.