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Cold snap expected to continue early in the week

Canberra will need to rug up and brave it for one more day, as another, weaker front moves through the capital on Monday, following a weekend where apparent temperatures struggled to get above freezing for any great period of time.

Two low pressure systems kept the capital wrapped in a freezing north-westerly breeze over most of the weekend, which, according to meteorologist Ben McBurney from Fairfax-owned Weatherzone, made it feel at least 3 to 4 degrees colder than it really was on Sunday.

"It was very cold in the wind. Wind has been the big factor [on Sunday]. It's been windy across the whole state so far," he said.

The apparent temperature at lunchtime hovered around zero degrees in the capital, while up at higher elevations the actual temperature didn't get above minus 3.7 at Mt Ginini in the territory's south-west, and minus 6 degrees at Thredbo Top Station.

Snow fell as low as 600-700 metres on Saturday night and Sunday morning, including over parts of the Brindabellas.

The snow covered Corin Forest, but the recreation was closed over the weekend, as were a number of roads including parts of Brindabella Road, Boboyan Road, Corin Road (from Woods Reserve), Bendora Dam Road, Mount Franklin Road, and Angle Crossing.


The Snowy Mountains also received up to 40 centimetres of snow over the 48 hours to Sunday night.

There'll be only a slight reprieve on Monday, with a weaker system due to move across the capital, keeping the air cold with a biting breeze.

"We're going to have another weak front coming through on Monday, and also, to make it more complex, an associated upper trough, so that might cause a bit more cloud," Mr McBurney said. ''The air mass was expected to warm up, but it's probably going to be a bit cloudier [on Monday] than what was first thought."

He said more snow was expected, and could again fall to as low as 600 metres overnight on Sunday, although it would be too dry for any snow to fall in Canberra.

"The Snowy Mountains will see some more snow [on Monday]. They've had an easing off of snow [on Sunday], but as that upper trough moves through [on Monday] we should see more widespread snow showers developing again throughout the afternoon and overnight as well," he said.

Mr McBurney said there had been unofficial reports of sleet and even snow in Canberra over Saturday and Sunday, but he believed it would more likely be miniature hail, known as graupel, or very light rain.

The weather was expected to warm slightly on Tuesday, before returning to cold night and average, clear days on Wednesday.

And while ice skating is a daring sport, performing axel jumps in leotards during one of Canberra's coldest days takes the exercise to a whole new adventurous level.

The mini multicultural festival on ice, Canberra CBD's Skate in the City festivities, continued on Sunday with a helping hand from the local Harmonie German Club.

Despite the near freezing temperatures hundreds of Canberrans came out to snack on sauerkraut and sip non-alcoholic gluhwein while the ACT Ice Skating Association performed "Bavaria on Ice" wearing little more than lyrca and lederhosen.

Newly elected president of the Harmonie German Club Hans Stoehr was pleased with the turnout and was keen to spread the message about the services the club has on offer.


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