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Cops, men clash in violent Belconnen disturbance

Three men involved in a violent confrontation with police in Belconnen last night have been granted bail.

Akoy Deng, 21, Lual Ajang Lual, 28, and Chol Bol Nyuon, 23, appeared before the ACT Magistrates Court today on charges of assault, obstructing territory officials and possession of an offensive weapon.

Police said officers drew a firearm and a Taser and used capsicum spray to force their way into a unit during the incident.

Officers went to a Belconnen unit about 6.50pm on Thursday after receiving reports of a disturbance.

Police entered the unit but allege two men grabbed an officer and forced him into the stairwell then tried to close the door, leaving a second officer inside.

The ejected officer then forcibly regained entry by using capsicum spray.


Police allege Lual threatened one officer with scissors, but backed down when the officer drew a Taser and firearm.

All three men were arrested and taken to the ACT watch house where they were charged with common assault and obstructing a territory public official.

Lual was also charged with possessing an offensive weapon.

Deng, from Sydney, entered a plea of not guilty.

Defence lawyer Paul Edmonds argued police unlawfully entered the property and his client had used reasonable force to eject a trespasser from the premises.

Deng will reappear on February 14.

Lual and Nyuon will reappear on December 14.